RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) to college campuses across the country. The university is one of the most exciting places and institutions we find in society. RUF loves both the church and the university. As an expression of the church serving the campus, RUF desires to see both thrive through communicating the gospel and teaching the whole counsel of the Bible to be applied to the whole person for the whole of life. 

As a ministry of the PCA, we hold to the heritage of the Christian faith that is rooted in the historic creeds, traced through the stream of the Protestant tradition, and expressed in the Westminster Standards. By orienting our lives around the gospel – the Bible’s central message that our greatest need as humans is to have new life in Jesus – we are brought into the wonderful work that God is doing on this campus and around the world by giving us access to Himself and bearing witness to the renewal of all things. 

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